title Things You Need to Know before getting married in Massachusetts

Things You Need To Know

Linda Maxwell with another happy bride and groomYou will need a valid marriage license (a Massachusetts Certificate of Marriage) before you can get married. A marriage license issued from another state cannot be used for ceremonies performed in Massachusetts and vice versa.

You can apply for a license at any town or city hall in Massachusetts (it does not have to be in the town you live in or are planning your wedding in), There is a minimal fee for this service. You both must present yourselves to the Town or City Clerk - no one else can do this for you. One exception is offered to our service men and women - in the event one of them is not available to file - someone along with the other person to marry may request the license on the service man/woman's behalf as long as one of the people are Massachusetts residents.

The only documents necessary to bring along to file for this certificate are identification and proof of age. A driver's license or birth certificate are sufficient. There is a three business day waiting period (starting after the day you file ) which includes weekends and holidays, before you can pick up your license. No marriage can be performed without your license. A waiver of the three day waiting period can be applied for through the city/town clerk's office, however the cost can be up to $200.00 to do so.

Once received, your license is valid for 60 days from the day you applied.

When you pick up your license, review it closely to make certain that all information listed is correct. Make sure all names and dates are correct and make any changes with the City Clerk at the time of pickup.

After your ceremony -your Certificate will be filled out by your Justice of the Peace and returned to the Town or City Hall you filed with. Within one week to ten days, you must return to the Town or City Hall you filed at, or mail in the form you received from the City Clerk, with the fee requested to acquire your Certificate of Marriage.